Structure and Function Assessment During a Virtual Consult

Course Details

This live, online and interactive program focuses on performing a structure and function assessment during a virtual consult.

This course is designed for IBCLCs and birth professionals utilizing telehealth options for lactation consultations.

Recommended pre-requisite:
If you have not taken one of our Structure and Function courses, given the Covid 19 pandemic necessitating the use of telehealth consultations, we recommend our shorter program, Structure and Function: A Visual Guide to Structure and Function Issues in Infants as it focuses on visual assessment vs the hands-on focus in our comprehensive program Structure and Function: How the Infant’s Structure Affects the Infant’s Function

Course Content

  • Review of pregnancy and birth-related contributors to structural issues.
  • Taking a thorough history
  • Prioritizing your virtual consult
  • Overview of full-body asymmetry
  • Communication and counseling skills
  • How to assess the infant virtually
  • Fully interactive with role-play and video examples
  • What to do with the information learned during the virtual consult
  • And more…

This interactive class will run a minimum of 2.5 hours including discussion and Q&A.

The fee for this class is $45.00 (US)

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This class is available for the Customized Class option.

We apologize but there are no CERPs offered for this course.

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