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Structure and Function: How the Infant’s Structure Affects the Infant’s Function

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This comprehensive course provides specialized education for lactation professionals, birth professionals, and other healthcare professionals who are interested in learning the importance of, and how to fully assess structural issues in infants.

This course looks at reasons beyond oral issues (tongue-tie, congenital defects, etc.) that affect infant feeding, behavior, and sleep.

We start before the infant is born, looking at what causes and contributes to structure and function issues, including pregnancy and labor and delivery, and maternal issues.

We then discuss how structural issues can affect infants’ function – their primitive reflexes, neurological challenges, and the long-term effects of structural issues.

This course will teach you how to assess visually for structural asymmetry, as well as how to assess infants hands-on.

By the end of this course, you will be able to fully assess structural issues in infants.  And you will understand why it is important to do so as early as possible.

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This course includes:
• 6 Modules with multiple sections
• Workbook with slide notes, enrichment activities, and resources for your
clinical practice!
• A multitude of resources for your continuing education and research
• Access to instructors through Discussion Boards and email
• Wide variety of learning supports
• Videos!
• Our proprietary Structure and Function Evaluation form
• 6 L-CERPs  (upon completion of all requirements)
And More!


Structure and Function Assessment During a Virtual Consult

This soon to be online course, focuses on performing a structure and function assessment during a virtual consult.

This course is designed for IBCLCs and birth professionals utilizing telehealth options for lactation consultations.

Recommended pre-requisite:
If you have not taken our comprehensive program Structure and Function: How the Infant’s Structure Affects the Infant’s Function, we encourage you to do so prior to taking this class.


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Important Fine Print:  

Structure and Function Education maintains the right to refuse training to anyone for any reason. If one has paid for training and is refused said training, fees will be refunded in full.

Structure and Function Education trainings are not designed to diagnose or treat structural issues in infants.

Structure and Function Education trainings do not teach therapeutic treatment techniques.

Structure and Function Education training focuses on observation and assessment of infant structure and to refer out to appropriate care providers as needed.

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